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Losing heart – LUFC TOMA

All the way through this takeover nonsense, I’ve kept the faith in David Haigh. I needed someone to believe in. Someone who truly has the best interests of the club at heart. I’m starting to wonder if that trust has been misplaced.

The news about Cellino seems to bring some inevitability with it – I keep hearing him described as an ‘Italian Ken Bates’. Just what we need. Ken Bates was poison for our club. Since that wonderful press conference on Yorkshire Radio when they took charge, I have felt very positively towards GFH. They did some great things for our club. I warmed to David Haigh and Salem Patel. Then it started to dawn on me that the ‘good news’ carrots Haigh dangled before us were always in the week leading up to a home game. Was it all a ploy to get ‘bums on seats’?

For all GFH are or are not, they did one thing so right. When Middlesborough came calling for Ross McCormack, they didn’t just take the first (or even second or third) offer. We all know Bates would have taken it in a heartbeat. I am so worried about whoever comes in next. And, following the 6-0 horror show it would have been so easy to sack McDermott but they didn’t – quite rightly. We need consistency and I believe so strongly he is the right man for the job.

I am plain scared about how these businesses see our players. OK, they might not be Mata or Messi but what all these businesses might not realise is that Sam Byram isn’t just an asset – he’s a home grown hero at a time when we’re perilously short on heroes. Ross McCormack isn’t a commodity – he’s, as Brian McDermott put it, our ‘talisman’, our captain, the heart of our team. And, hey, even Paddy Kenny is our boy from Halifax and just maybe Warnock was right, maybe he is the best keeper in the league (although Schmeichel looked pretty good on Saturday…).

It saddens me that no-one seems to care what we think. Just as no-one cares what Hull City or Coventry City fans think. The game seems to have moved on and its not taking the fans with it. I have been watching Leeds since the days of Mervyn Day and Bobby Davison and now I have three children that I want to carry on the tradition. A week on Saturday, my six year old will be at Elland Road for the Huddersfield game – only his second game. He is so excited.

Don’t let him down. Don’t let me down. Don’t let my Dad who has been watching since the Revie era down. We are the lifeblood of this club and we’ll be here when Haigh, Patel, Nooruddin and whoever else are long gone.


The future.

The future.